Full Memberships

The club has 50 full members each with an equivalent 2% share in the ownership of the club.

To apply for a full membership applicants must provide an expression of interest in writing and have the nomination support of two members. It is recommended that any prospective members should become an associate for at least one year prior to committing to becoming a full member. This gives new applicants the chance to get to know the other members and ensure that they understand how the Ski Club operates, and its values.

At times there are memberships for sale so contact us by email on to find out more information.

Associate Memberships

The club has 10 Associate memberships which are non-voting members who can also use the lodge with equal to members rights, however they are not able to vote at meetings, or hold a position on the committee.

Associates also have the opportunity to apply for a full membership in the lodge after their first year of membership.

The current associate membership rate is $420 annually.

If you are interested in becoming an associate member, we encourage you to call in to the lodge during the season and speak to some of our members, or alternately contact us by email on to find out more information.

Working Bees

In the Summer months the Bellendena run a working bee which is compulsory for new members to attend. The working bees are held on the weekend following the March long weekend annually in the best weather for the year. Working bees at the lodge generally include: stacking wood, painting, timber work, general cleaning and cupboard clean outs.

Extra working bees are also often held to undertake specific maintenance tasks or repair works.

Members who do not attend at least 1 working bee per year are charger a ‘working bee levy’.

For more info on working bees, contact the Building Officer