Booking Your Stay

In addition to annual fees, all members are required to book in with the bookings officer when they are going to the mountain. $7.00 is charged for each calendar day of a member’s stay.

Members can take up to 5 guests dependent on the level of bookings that are being received, however members take precedent over guests. Guests are charged to the member who brings the guests into the club and are required to be recorded in bookings and on log in sheets.

Guest Rates

                                  Adults         Children

Day (10am-5pm):        $7                   $4

Night (5pm-10am):     $20                $10

for example, a 2 night weekend stay for an adult guest is charged as follows; Friday night $20, Saturday day $7, saturday night $20, Sunday day (if leaving after 10am) $7. Total $54.

Members are encouraged to book with the bookings officer in the week prior to their stay. This is best done on our online booking form, or by email to